• 04 JAN 18
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    Top Excuses for Not Filing 1099’s

    “I don’t have that many 1099’s.”  Taxpayers are required to have W-9 forms to prove that 1099’s are not required, even if there are only a few vendors with whom the taxpayer pays “I’ll just pay the penalties if I get caught.”  Recent changes have significantly increased the penalties for non-filing.  Non-filed 1099’s are now subject

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    • 22 DEC 14
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    Don’t Let The Gift Of Giving Become An IRS Nightmare

    Is there a box of junk taking up space in your home, clothes that have long ago been outgrown, trinkets that no longer match your décor to pass along to someone whom will find a fresh use for them? Do you help out family members and close friends when they are low on cash? Or

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